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Guide to Planning your Marylebone Town Hall Wedding

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

If you're considering Eloping in Marylebone - London, there are a few things to keep in mind but to make it super easy for you I've put together a guide to help you plan your dream Elopement / Micro Wedding...

couple getting married in Marylebone London

A couple things to remember...

You'll need to apply for a marriage license at least 29 days in advance, and you'll need two witnesses to be present at the ceremony.

Popular locations for Elopements in London include Marylebone Town Hall, Chelsea and Islington Town Hall. Make sure to check with the specific venue about any additional requirements or fees.

You'll also need to obtain the necessary paperwork and potentially hire a registrar or celebrant to officiate the ceremony. Additionally, it's a good idea to plan for any accommodations or transportation needs. With some careful planning, your London elopement can be a beautiful and memorable experience.

Ready to start???

If you're planning a London Elopement, here are my top five tips for the best day ever.

5 tips for eloping in London Marylebone

  1. Arrange to attend one of the Marylebone Town Halls open evenings to see the venue in person. If you can't make it to one of the "open evenings" the amazing team at Marylebone have a video tour online of all the rooms. See Here

  2. Get the legalities sorted: To legally marry in the UK, you must give notice at a registry office at least 29 days before your ceremony. Make sure you have all the necessary documents, including passports and birth certificates.

  3. Hire a photographer: You'll want to capture every moment of your special day, and a professional photographer can help you do just that. Consider hiring someone who specializes in elopements/micro weddings and knows the Marylebone area well.

  4. Keep it simple: One of the advantages of eloping is that you can keep things simple and intimate. Consider having just a few close family members or friends attend, or even just the two of you.

  5. Make it memorable: Just because you're eloping doesn't mean you can't make your day special. Consider adding personal touches like writing your own vows, bringing a special bouquet, or even having a small celebration afterwards at a local restaurant or pub.

Wedding at Marylebone London

Remember....Have fun and be yourselves. Plan a stress free day.

Elopements are all about celebrating your love and commitment to each other. Let your personalities shine through in your photos and enjoy the moment together

Consider planning a stress-free day for your elopement, focused on relaxation rather than feeling rushed or overwhelmed. This will allow you and your partner to fully enjoy each other's company and cherish the special moments of your wedding day.

Elopements and micro weddings are often considered more intimate than big weddings. This is because they typically involve only a small group of people, allowing for a more personal and meaningful experience. With fewer guests, the focus can be on the couple and their relationship, rather than on entertaining a large group. Additionally, elopements and micro weddings can be less stressful and more affordable than larger weddings, allowing couples to fully enjoy their special day. Overall, the smaller scale of these events can create a more intimate and memorable experience for everyone involved.

All about the Old Marylebone Town Hall plus Q&As

Situated on Marylebone road sits this iconic building which dates all the way back to the 1920s. This beautiful hall has even hosted some celebrity weddings too! Paul McCartney and Sean Bean just to name a couple. You can have up to 100 guests at your town hall wedding (Click Here to see the rooms) and there is no end to the amazing photographic opportunities at this venue with its stunning white marble interiors. This iconic Town Hall has 7 beautiful ceremony rooms to choose from for your special day.

Marylebone Q&As

Where's the nearest train and bus station?

The nearest train station is Baker Street and the nearest bus stop is Marylebone Stop P - Westbound or Stop N - Eastbound.

Where can I park?

There's a privately owned car park directly opposite the Old Marylebone Town Hall.

Are registrars included with my booking at Marylebone?

Yes, registrars are included in the booking for The Old Marylebone Town Hall.

Can our dog or cat attend our ceremony ?

Yes, If they are kept on lead. Please contact the town hall to confirm this before bringing your pets.

Can we have confetti at Marylebone?

Yes, on the steps outside Marylebone Town Hall. I would definitely recommend confetti. Dried flower petals are always a great option but always remember to buy more than you think you need... Trust me!

How many guests can I have at Marylebone Town Hall?

From 2 guests up to 100 guests!

How much does it cost to have a wedding at Marylebone Town Hall?

Approx. from £250 to £1,379 all depending on the time of year and which room you hire.

These Q&As are correct at the time of writing this blog. Please confirm with Marylebone about any enquiries before booking Here

Find and trust your perfect photographer

When selecting a photographer for your event, it's important to choose one whose style and personality match what you envision for your special day. Take some time to research and view the photographer's portfolio to get a sense of their style and approach. Additionally, consider meeting with them in person or having a phone call to ensure you have good chemistry and communication. Ultimately, selecting a photographer who matches your vibe and knows the Marylebone area well can result in beautiful and authentic photos that capture the essence of your day.

Trusting your photographer is a crucial part of getting great photos. Photographers have expertise and experience in capturing moments and creating art through their lens.

When you trust your photographer, you allow them to work their magic and bring out the best in you or your subjects. It's important to communicate your vision and preferences with your photographer, but also to be open to their suggestions and ideas. Remember, your photographer wants to create beautiful images just as much as you do, and trusting them can lead to stunning results.

couple getting married at Marylebone in london


1. How long do I need a photographer for our micro-wedding?

The duration of an elopement in London can vary depending on the specific services you require and your preferences. However, a basic elopement ceremony can typically be completed within 1-2 hours for just the ceremony or up to 6hrs for a full adventure day covering bridal and groom prep to the party after the ceremony.

2. Where do we have our group photos?

The famous Marylebone steps are a great place for family photos

3.How many group photos do we need?

For group photos I'd recommend around 10 different family combinations but that is different for every photographer.

4. What's your booking process and prices?

You can request my "2023 Pricing Guide" which has all my information in it from booking process, prices to the gallery being delivered.

Have more questions? Let's Chat!

What do we do after our Marylebone ceremony?

After your micro wedding ceremony in London, there are plenty of options for you to enjoy your special day. You can have a romantic photo shoot in some of London's most iconic landmarks, such as the Tower Bridge or the London Eye. You can also have a lovely dinner in one of London's many fine restaurants, or perhaps even a picnic in one of the city's beautiful parks. For a more adventurous option, you can take a boat tour along the Thames or even go on a hot air balloon ride for a unique view of the city. Whatever your preference, there are plenty of ways to make your micro wedding day in London unforgettable.

Going to a nice restaurant after your elopement or even staying in a nice hotel is a fabulous way to celebrate. The atmosphere and ambiance of a nice place can make the occasion feel special and memorable. It's also a chance to indulge in a luxurious meal and toast to your new life together. Overall, there are so many options to chose from for wonderful post-elopement celebration.

Different styles of wedding photography explained...

Wedding photography can be broken down into several types, each with a own unique style and purpose. Traditional or classic wedding photography is characterized by posed, formal portraits of the couple and their families. Photojournalistic or documentary wedding photography focuses on capturing candid moments and emotions throughout the day. Fine art wedding photography is more artistic and creative, often utilizing unique angles and lighting. Finally, fashion wedding photography incorporates high-fashion and editorial-style poses and aesthetics. Couples should consider their personal preferences and wedding style when choosing a photographer and photography style.

About my style of photography - Editorial

Editorial wedding photography is a style of photography that aims to tell a story through images. It is a popular choice for weddings because it captures the emotion and atmosphere of the day in a creative and artistic way. Editorial wedding photographers focus on the details, such as the flowers, the dress, and the venue, as well as the people involved, capturing candid moments and posed shots alike. They often use natural lighting and unique angles to create visually stunning images that are both timeless and modern. Overall, editorial wedding photography is a beautiful and memorable way to document a couple's special day.

You can check out my photography packages Here

editorial london wedding photography

Recommended Suppliers in London

These are some of my absolute personal favs...

Elopement wedding photography in london

I hope you have enjoyed my "Guide to planning your Marylebone London elopement"! If you have any questions let me know.

Talk soon!

Faye Mendes x

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