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  • Faye Mendes

5 reasons to have an Elopement!

Elopements are fun because they offer a more intimate and personal experience for the couple. They also typically involve less stress and planning compared to a traditional wedding. Additionally, elopements often provide the opportunity to have a unique and adventurous experience, such as getting married in a beautiful outdoor location or while traveling to a new destination.

Reason number .1...

1.Intimacy: Elopements allow for a more intimate and private ceremony with only the couple and a few close loved ones, focusing on the love between them without the distractions of a larger wedding.

Reason number 2...

2.Cost: Elopements are generally less expensive than traditional weddings, as there are fewer guests, less planning involved, and no need for a large venue or catering.

Reason number 3 ...

3.Adventure: Elopements offer the opportunity to choose a unique and adventurous location for the ceremony, such as a mountaintop, beach, or foreign country.

Reason number 4...

4.Flexibility: Elopements allow for more flexibility in terms of timing and location, as there are fewer people to coordinate and accommodate.

Reason number 5...

5.Less stress: Elopements can be a stress-free alternative to a traditional wedding, as there is less pressure to please a large number of guests and adhere to certain traditions or expectations.

What would be your dream Elopement??? Let me know in the comments! Faye x

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